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Last-Minute Easter Scripts

If you're running low on time and you're still on the fence about adding a special dramatic flourish to your Easter services––don't worry, we've got you covered with this short list of last-minute scripts that are easier to learn, rehearse, and perform!
If you're looking for Easter scripts that require less preparation and an easier learning curve, check out the following selections––with Reader's Theatre, Monologues, Dramas and Comedies, these scripts pack a powerful punch and can be ready in just one rehearsal!

Will Wordswiggle
Easter (Cast: 3)
How would Peter react on a talk show when confronted with the question: Who is Jesus? Although you might think he'd deny he ever knew the man (three times), in this witty piece we actually discover that he has a hard time convincing the host that Jesus really rose from the dead.

One Week Later
Easter (Cast: 2)
A young couple living together that only goes to church on Easter debates going the week after.

The Easter Parade
Family, Priorities (Cast: 2)
As Paul and Connie prepare to host an Easter egg hunt, they debate the meaning of the holy day. But the meaning of their debate takes a radical shift when tragedy strikes.

Good Friday, Easter (Cast: 2)
When two servants discuss the crucifixion of Jesus, one tells how Peter's denial brought about a change in her opinion of the man. A convicting call to stand in the midst of persecution, as we never know who may be watching.

Crucifixion, Trust (Cast: 1)
During a power outage, a father has time to reflect on the darkness that covered the earth during the crucifixion of Christ.

Why Me?
Good Friday, Easter (Cast: 1)
Simon gives an eyewitness account of Jesus' final walk to the cross. What troubles Simon is the irony of his own rage at the Romans for how they treated Jesus, juxtaposed with Jesus' own love and forgiveness of those very tormentors.

After the Rooster
Forgiveness (Cast: 3)
A contemporary look at Simon Peter, "The Rock," who denied the Lord but found forgiveness.

The Sun Rose Anyway
Good Friday, Resurrection (Cast: 3)
A reader's theatre-style look at the death and resurrection of Christ, and the persistence of the dawn, even in the darkest of situations.


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