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  • Hold Fast
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  • A Statement Of Belief
  • I Can Pray All By Myself
  • A Statement of Belief
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    The Eviction

    • Script Topics

      Spiritual Warfare
    A group of demons lose their secure way of existence when Jesus arrives on Earth and commands them to leave the hosts they've possessed.

    One Small Child

    • Script Topics

      Jesus, Christmas / Advent, Bible Story
    A mini-pageant that relates the Nativity narratives found in the Gospels of Matthew & Luke as a bedtime story.

    For Those Who Run With Scissors

    • Script Topics

      Judging Others, Sin
    Running With Scissors is the unforgivable sin in this parable about the way Christians look on certain sins as more evil, more offensive than others--forgetting that sin is sin in God's eyes
    3 of 3 items
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