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  • What's Next?
  • Between Two Steves
  • Into The Black
  • A Place to Belong
  • Future, Future, Future, Future
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    What's Next?

    • Script Topics

      Trust, Surrender, Listening To God, Anxiety
    A young father is doing everything in his power to persevere through job turmoil, but he is anxious about what’s next.

    Body Image

    • Script Topics

      Love, Self-esteem, Youth, School
    Several teenagers try to alter their physiques before realizing that God designed them to be his perfect children, no matter what their body type.

    The Bells

    • Script Topics

    Inspired by the folk tale When the Chimes Rang. A young boy and his sister travel to town to make a humble Christmas offering. Everyone in church is hoping that the chimes will ring, and many elaborate gifts are given. But it is the offering of the children that ultimately makes the chimes ring.

    Hard Times

    • Script Topics

      Faith, Hope
    Five people discuss their struggles in life, and the hope they still have in God.

    Happy Self Expression, Sally

    • Script Topics

      Self-esteem, Youth
    To remind youth that we don't have to assert our individuality or "try" to be unique because we are all inherently special and unique as children of God.
    5 of 5 items
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