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    Not Everyone Gets On Oprah

    • Script Topics

      Grief, Listening To God, Loss, Parenting, Prayer,…
    In the middle of a normal day, Elizabeth’s world is turned upside down, and her faith is challenged when her daughter is in a horrible car accident.

    The Christian Crawl

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Forgiveness, Anger, Seeking God
    A busy husband and father fails to abide by three key tenants of Christianity.

    A New Creation

    • Script Topics

      Forgiveness, Relationships, Singleness
    A woman gets ready for a date and has to quiet the voices from her past to get through the night.

    A Big Family Christmas

    • Script Topics

    An overworked and underappreciated woman searches for peace in the midst of the holiday festivities.

    Wasted Away

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    A man feels he was taken to Heaven before his time, believing that it was God's will for him to make a great Christian movie. Only when it's his turn to give an account of his life does he realize he missed God's plan entirely.

    The Greatest Gift

    • Script Topics

    Paul and Shelley demonstrate the gift of kindness by inviting a suffering couple to Christmas dinner.

    Quiet Angels

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living, Serving
    Through a series of short monologues, we hear the desires of three people to be doing greater work: for God, for their family, for their community. But we also hear how those same people have unknowingly had dramatic effects on the lives of those around them.

    Open My Eyes, Lord

    • Script Topics

    Ordinary people are wrapped up in their own concerns and do not see the needs around them until Jesus opens their eyes and brings them together with "the least of these."

    Not a Hint

    • Script Topics

    Three open-ended situations which could open the door to an extramarital affair.
    9 of 13 items
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