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    Cleanup Crew

    • Script Topics

      Bible Story, Palm Sunday
    After Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the streets are littered with palm branches and cast-off garments. The two guys responsible for cleaning up the mess discuss what all the fuss was about.

    Cheap At Any Price

    • Script Topics

      Christian Living
    Three friends are shopping for an outfit for a special event, and one discovers what's really important.

    Will Wordswiggle

    • Script Topics

    How would Peter react on a talk show when confronted with the question: Who is Jesus? Although you might think he'd deny he ever knew the man (three times), in this witty piece we actually discover that he has a hard time convincing the host that Jesus really rose from the dead.

    This Is Easter?

    Three women share their frustration with meeting expectations for the perfect Easter celebration.

    The Easter Habit

    • Script Topics

    Actors in an Easter Pageant realize that they are going through the motions and are no longer in touch with the meaning of the story they tell.

    Stop Doubting and Believe

    • Script Topics

    A man talks to a coworker about his mother's nagging request that he go to church with her on Easter. His co-worker in turn confronts him with the question, what will it take to get you to stop doubting?

    One Week Later

    A young couple living together that only goes to church on Easter debates going the week after.
    7 of 7 items
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